converse faq's

There are popular questions that potential Converse or VANS footwear buyers will pose before purchasing a pair of these shoes. Here we have tried to answer as many of the major questions about Converse as possible. Feel free to ask us any more.

What Converse are best?

This is obviously one of the very popular, generic questions and it does not necessarily have a set answer as it can depend on taste. However the most sought after Converse are usually the origina Chuck Taylor Black Hi Tops. These are renowned for quality and actually started the trend from basketball footwear to regular every day trainers.

What are the most popular Converse?

From the data we have gathered online around Converse sales we have found that the popular types are black Hi Tops, Optical White Oxford's and Red Oxford's. These types seem to be consistently popular throughout all seasons as a standard image of Chuck Taylor's based on the classic design.

What are the difference between Converse and VANS?

Generally they are a similar shoe but there are some noticable differences in their history and appearance. Converse originally started as a Basketball shoe and skaters later adopted this whereas VANS have been an original skaters shoe since creation. Converse generally are more expensiive as they have more of a premium reputation. Finally the main aesthetical difference is in the sole which is much thicker/higher on VANS shoes.

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